Nigeria risk more mortality from breast cancer disease – Experts

By Prince Okafor

Worried about the rising cases of breast cancer, stakeholders have warned that Nigeria risk more deaths from the disease.

This is coming as a Non-Governmental Organisation, screened over 100 women in JMJ quarters, Ajegunle area of Lagos State for breast cancer.

The stakeholders comprising Inspired Next Initiative and the Solomon’s Empire alerted that a new wave of the disease in the country was unacceptable.

Cancer (also known as malignancy) occurs when cells begin to grow and multiply in an uncontrolled way.

Speaking at the sideline of the screening, the Founder of Inspired Next Initiative, Anthony Charles, explained that, normal body cells grow and divide over a period of time until they eventually die. But cancer cells continue to grow and divide and grow and divide. Eventually, they gather to form tumours.

“Nigerians should be more aware of cancer because mortality is relatively much higher in less developed countries due to a lack of early detection and access to treatment facilities. Early detection and treatments can save a life.

“This is an opportunity for Inspired Next to reach out to Nigerian Women as part of its activities in ensuring the sensitization of women who would very unlikely want to embark on such health exercise unless brought to them.

“The goal was to reach out to a minimum of 50 Women and this was achieved. Cancer in all its forms is recognized as one of the deadly diseases which attack both men and women of all ages and most time very invisible until it gets to a critical stage and causes a great effect on the patient.

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“Awareness and screening of this nature help to increase attention, early detection and possible treatment.

“We believe in the power of being Naturally Inspired, then motivate others to do so. The Ecospace has a way of presenting a need and solutions which we act on. Also, we leverage the capacity and dynamics of our volunteers to achieve our goals.

A successful exercise was carried out, two women were positive for lesions on their cervix and while another with breast lump was identified and was given proper directives on what to do.”

On her part, the SDGs Officer of the initiative, Mary Ukoli, noted that lots of ladies out of the fear of the unknown do not want to check themselves, as this was the prevalent case in JMJ Quarters.

“During the sensitization, women were therefore encouraged and enlightened on how to engage in monthly self breast examination.”

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