New owner demolishes Gupta-owned Constantia mansion – PICTURES

New owner demolishes Gupta-owned Constantia mansion – PICTURES

The buyer of the seven-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion in Upper Constantia previously owned by the notorious Gupta family, is in the process of demolishing the building.

When comparing the pictures sent to The South African website over the weekend (below) to those at the bottom of the article, it’s clear the new owner plans on doing a complete rebuild of the house.

As exclusively reported by The South African website in February this year, the house was sold to an “international” buyer who “spends a lot of time in South Africa and wants to spend even more time in the country”.

Richard Huxham-Hardie from Hardie Property, who was the sole agent overseeing the sale of the property, confirmed exclusively to The South African website that the house has been transferred to its new owner.

Huxham-Hardie added that the full asking price of R20 million was achieved.

At the time, pictures from the 10 Dawn Avenue home in Upper Constantia were sent to The South African, displaying the ‘SOLD’ sign on the main gate – which is currently held together by a lock and chain.

Numerous weeds were clearly evident as well as the state of neglect the 8 105m2 house was in.

Huxham-Hardie added that at the time of the sale, that the house is “currently uninhabitable and requires major renovation with huge gaping holes in the thatch roof”.

The property was one of the assets seized by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in 2021.

Guptas bought house from Mark Thatcher

The Gupta family bought the mansion in 2005 from the son of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Mark Thatcher, for R17 million.

A video of the property showed how badly the mansion has deteriorated after being left vacant for several years.

The pool is a sickly green colour, the thatched roof has holes and the interior has been severely damaged by water.

Seven bedrooms, six bathrooms

Huxham-Hardie said prior to the sale that the property was on the market for a steal, at a fraction of the price of what properties are worth in one of South Africa’s most sought-after areas.

“The structure is safe, it’s sound. So, I think someone can take the structure of it. Obviously, it needs a new roof, everything inside needs to be stripped back but I believe the structure of the property is solid,” Huxham-Hardie said.

The former Gupta property boasts seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, two garages, a separate one-bedroom cottage and a guard house.

Monthly rates are reportedly R11 577.