July 27, 2021


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‘Never marry a man who has a child already’- Woman warns single ladies

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A tweep has warned ladies seeking a long term commitment never to establish any relationship with a man who has a child already. 

She argued that there’s a very high tendency for the man to be having intercourse with the child’s mother which is obviously a red flag so the best way is to avoid such a person.

The Twitter user, identified as Dr Toolz, wrote; ‘Never marry a man who already has a child. The mother of his child will always sleep with him

In other news, a trending video available to www.Ghbase.com captures the moment a young girl, obviously not up to 16-years old is seen narrating her encounter with a white man in her vicinity recently.

According to the girl, she was wandering in her hood when she bumped into this white man who started interrogating her on why a toddler like her is out there roaming aimlessly.

She told the man that she isn’t a small girl but the man insisted she’s young, probably 8-years and for that matter, if she doesn’t go home he might as well call the cops on her.

The young lady replied by saying if he doubted she’s isn’t relatively young, he should insert his manhood into her in order to reach a conclusive consensus.

Ridiculously, she said the man could interpret the Twi language she was speaking so the matter has ended up in court.

Click here to watch.

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