February 27, 2021


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NDC’s victory is unstoppable – Armah Kofi-Buah

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The Member of Parliament (MP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC’s) parliamentary candidate for Ellembelle, Emmanuel Armarh Kofi-Buah says the party’s victory in the 2020 general elections is unstoppable.

He justified that the NDC’s proposed free funding for a million youth in apprenticeship training is the antidote to the current worsening youth unemployment in the country.

Speaking to Citi News at Aiyinase during a presentation of 120 sewing machines and other tools to 200 youth from Ellembelle after their free apprenticeship training, Emmanuel Armarh Kofi-Buah said the NDC’s free apprenticeship is doable as he personally has started its implementation.

“NDC’s victory is unstoppable and the reason is very simple. The NDC is coming to power because the number one national security issue we face in Ghana is youth unemployment and the NDC has the right programme to empower the youth with jobs. You see the energy and excitement of 200 people who are smiling today because somehow they have been empowered. The NDC is going to empower one million young people in four years to have jobs and to have their dignity again.”

“It is really exciting and I think that today, what we are trying to demonstrate here in Ellembele is that it is possible, it is doable and makes sense and I think the NDC got it right that this is the way forward. We are going to invest money to basically empower the youth and that’s why I am calling on the youth of Ghana, make sure you stand up for your future, your dignity, and for your jobs. This is why l am convinced that in this election, the NDC’s victory is unstoppable and the youth will not allow the NPP to basically steal this election,” he added.


The MP for Ellembelle giving details about his free apprenticeship training said “all I could do was to pay their masters and their teachers, and so an average of GHS400 each was paid for the 700 people. At the end of the four years when we did the audit, only 350 are left.”

Bernise Quanoo, who is one of the beneficiaries of the apprenticeship programme told Citi News she has been empowered to fend for herself.

“Kofi-Buah helped me to learn a trade. In addition, he gave me a sewing machine to continue my work. I don’t have to depend on anybody for anything again as I can depend on myself now with my skill and the free sewing machine.“

A resident of Aiyinase, Essien Melajonu, shared how the leadership of Armah Kofi-Buah is positively affecting lives.

“I have been here for the past fifteen years and when I was in Takoradi, I thought it was a village. It was a village of course but after Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah became the MP from 2008, there has been a great change when you come to Ellembele especially and Nzema as a whole. He has helped us to see light. I am talking about the extension of light all over around Ellembele.”

“He has helped us to see what is called tarred road as most of our roads were very bad and sometimes even unmotorable. But later when he became the MP and Energy Minister, he did a lot for us. See what he has done for the people who have learned a trade. He has been doing this since 2008 till now, and every year people graduate, he gives them sewing machines, dryers, and whatever they need to start their business and that is what we call an MP. We in Ellembele are going to support Armah Kofi-Buah now and forever until he decides not to go again as MP.“


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