NATO allies to send weapons to Ukraine amid ongoing ‘military operation’


North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) allies including Netherlands, Germany and the United States amongst others have finally announced that they will be aiding Ukraine amid the ongoing military operation by Russia. 


On Saturday, 26 February, Germany said its army would transfer 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger-class surface-to-air missiles to Ukraine.

This is a major U-turn from its longstanding policy of banning weapon exports to conflict zones.

The defence ministry in the Netherlands also announced that it will send anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. The Dutch government is set to supply 50 Panzerfaust-3 anti-tank weapons and 400 rockets, the ministry said in a letter to parliament. 

France was also reportedly carrying out deliveries of defensive weapons to Kyiv, according to its military. 


On Thursday, the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) issued a statement calling for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. With South Africa being a member of the BRICS group and allied with Russia, many were surprised at the strength of the strongly worded statement.

According to a report by the Sunday Times, it seems Ramaphosa may have been too. The newspaper said that sources close to the president revealed that he is unhappy with the statement. Apparently, Ramaphosa believes that it “contradicts” the South African position on the Ukraine invasion.

Meanwhile, South African students stuck in the Ukraine have called on government to help evacuate them out of the country.

Like hundreds of other students, Vutlhari Mtonga and Karabo Ramolefo have been attempting to leave Ukraine, but the pair’s hopes were shattered when the train they had boarded was forced to re-route.

The two also revealed that their last proper meal was on Thursday. This was the same day Russia started its attacks on Ukraine. They said they couldn’t even buy food as they were leaving because all shops were closed.

Additional reporting by AFP

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