Nasra is proof women need their father’s help to choose husbands

Nasra recently had an interview with Eve Mungai in which delved into matters pertaining to her relationship a miscarriage and the eventual breakup of her marriage (common law). What she said got me thinking that perhaps women really should rely on and trust their fathers when it comes to selecting a husband. Kenyan men are a scam, Nasra lost her family for love I say this because during the interview she feel that her relationship her in the sense that her father disown her and after 5 years she is now single and estranged from her family. Can you imagine having to make the difficult decision to leave your father and family behind because he disapproves of your husband only for that same man to turn around five years later after the two of you have suffered the heartbreak of a miscarriage and he walks out of your life? Nasra’s pain is one for the ages. Our traditional values as a people and Society with a more favourable then because there was a reason our parents and especially Our Fathers were involved in the selection process of the man who would eventually become their daughters’ husbands. Why we might never hear Director Rashid’s side of story after ex wife Nasra accused him of cheating & moving on with another woman What Nasra’s example prove that an object is third-party game so that such monumental mistakes such as the choice of one spouse can be avoided as it can damn near ruin a life or two. It’s understandable that the heart wants what the heart wants but when dealing with such complicated situations such as a Christian man and a Muslim woman or a couple from two different ethnicities or even races parental guidance is important as it is untainted by…

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