Nansana: Two Thieves Killed by Mob

Boda Boda riders in Nansana on Tuesday morning intercepted two thieves who had stolen a phone from a reveler at about 6 am, beating one to death.

The riders responded to the alarm made by the distressed victim who was on their way home after a night of partying in Nansana East 2B.

“The victim made an alarm which prompted Boda Boda riders to come to the rescue. One of the suspected thieves was lynched to death by the Boda Boda riders while the other survived after Police intervention,” KMP Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

The deceased has been identified as Isaac alias Dog City, a resident of Kibuloka, while the survivor is Mugisha Mwesigwa a resident of Kyebando.

“Mugisha is currently detained at Masitowa police while he is receiving treatment for the injuries sustained,” Owoyesigire said.

He further revealed that in a related incident, another mob justice was reported at Nansana West A, where a body of a Male Adult believed to be 18 years was discovered by residents who informed police.

“We have established through investigations, that two people snatched a phone from a reveler coming from Unique bar, he made an alarm, attracting boda boda riders who responded by hitting one of the thieves until he died,” he said.

The deceased’s counterpart allegedly survived and run away.

“The identity of the deceased is yet to be established as he had no papers on him,” Owoyesigire said.

He noted that the territorial Police at Nansana have tasked its community liaison officers to move around and sensitize boda boda riders not to take matters into their own hands against persons they suspect to be thieves, but to report suspects to police for further management.


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