Nancy Kalembe rallies mothers to protest against police brutality

Candidate Nancy Kalembe campaigning in Soroti.

Soroti, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Independent Presidential Candidate Nancy Kalembe has asked women to speak out against the brutality of unarmed civilians. 

Kalembe who was canvassing for votes in Teso Sub Region on Friday called upon mothers to take part in non-violent protests to demand justice and a free and fair election. 

According to Kalembe, the National Resistance Movement- NRM under President Yoweri Museveni has lost track in their leadership by turning guns to Ugandans whom she notes are peaceful. 

She asks says that mothers should take lead in demanding for a peaceful transition of government.

Kalembe also noted that calling off campaigns to show solidarity with other presidential candidates who have been arrested and brutalized will strengthen President Museveni. 

She explains that as NUP and FDC Presidential Candidates were under arrests, President Museveni continued to campaign and will continue to use similar tricks to stay in power.

Kalembe says that mothers are known for persevering hard conditions, adding that she counts on them for the liberation of the country. 

Kalembe started her campaigns in Katakwi before she traversed parts of Soroti City where she was welcomed by excited traders and city dwellers. She also campaigned in Serere and Ngora districts without interfered by security personnel.



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