Nairobi Governor, ANNE KANANU, is a drunkard who spends most of her time in nightclubs and bars – MCAs say.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022 – A section of MCAs from Nairobi County Assembly has accused Nairobi Governor, Anne Kananu, of spending most of her time in bars and nightclubs, instead of addressing the problems facing Nairobians.

The MCAs led by Waithaka MCA, Antony Kiragu, claimed Kananu has neglected her duties and is incompetent for the job.

He also said the governor earns a salary of over Sh 1 million per month and instead of working, she spends most of her time in bars and nightclubs in the city.

Kiragu further claimed that when she appears in the office, she is normally drunk, and the bottle she walks around with always contains alcohol and not water as it seems.

“She is an absentee governor. Kananu is never in the office. 

“She is accused of being a drunkard and that she is always drinking in nightclubs. The bottle she moves around with contains alcohol. 

“We know that and we shall address it. We shall soon discuss this in the Assembly,” Kiragu said.


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