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N2 Crash: Truck kills two tow trucker operators in latest smash

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Two tow truck operators were killed in a crash on the N2 freeway near Umhlanga Rocks on Monday night.

Emer-G-Med Paramedics spokesperson, Kyle van Reenen, said paramedics had responded to the scene of the accident on the N2 at around 10pm.

“On arrival on scene two heavy motor vehicles were found to have collided.  Reports from the scene allege that an articulated vehicle had experienced mechanical failure and while towing operators were assisting, a second heavy motor vehicle crashed into the scene,” Jamieson said.

“Two males, believed to be the towing operators, were declared deceased on arrival of paramedics while a third man was treated for moderate injuries and taken to a nearby hospital for further care,” he said.

The South African Police Services will be investigating the circumstances surrounding the latest N2 accident.

An earlier fatal accident on Durban’s N2 freeway led to police having to close part of the road on Friday. The horror crash involving seven vehicles left two people dead and three seriously injured.

Advanced Life Support Paramedics spokesperson Garrith Jamieson said the crash took place around 2pm on the southbound carriageway of the freeway near the NPC Cement factory.

“It is believed a vehicle crossed through from the northbound carriage way, colliding into multiple trucks and vehicles travelling south on the N2. The entire carriageway has been closed due to this horrific accident,” he said at the time.

Jamieson said vehicles had obstructed the emergency lane making it difficult for police and paramedics to reach the scene of the accident.

“Two people sustained fatal injuries and were assessed by paramedics however they showed no signs of life and both were declared deceased on the scene. Three others sustained serious injuries and were stabilised on the scene by Advanced Life Support Paramedics before being transported to a nearby Durban Hospital for the further treatment that they required,” Jamieson said.

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