Mzansi eats: Six of the cheapest desserts

Mzansi eats are the foods we’ll remember from home, and the foods we’ll miss when we’re away from home.

However, some traditional South African foods can cost money to make.

You can still have great memories from home if you’re eating on a budget!

Likewise, there are many cheaper desserts you can make.

What about pancakes, and malva pudding?

Here are six of South Africa’s cheapest traditional desserts.

Six of the cheapest desserts

We’ve covered six unforgettable South African desserts in this article.

But what if you don’t have the budget for peppermint crisp tart?

That’s okay, too.

They’re great, but there are cheaper desserts out there too.

What’s your favourite of our Mzansi eats?

Here are six cheaper desserts you can make during any festivity.

Mzansi eats: trifle

According to Oxford Dictionaries, trifle is: ‘a cold dessert of sponge cake and fruit covered with layers of custard, jelly, and cream.’

The good thing about trifle is that it’s cheap.

You don’t have to use expensive cake. Actually, people prefer using older cakes to make trifle.

If you have to skip ingredients, it’s still good trifle.

That’s how it works!

Add what you have, and let it stand for a while.

Mzansi eats: pancakes

Pancakes are a traditoinal dessert, and they’re made with only three ingredients.

You make pancakes using milk, flour, and eggs.

However, you can also add some sugar. Sugar can also make your pancakes burn, so be careful.

It’s one of the easiest, cheapest Mzansi eats recipes.

Mzansi eats: home custard

Did you know that you can make custard at home?

All you need is milk, eggs, butter, maizena, and sugar. You slowly combine the ingredients over a slow heat, creating a sweet sauce. Keeping stirring: that’s how you make good custard.

However, you can scramble it if you move too fast or hot.

Mzansi eats: malva pudding

Malva pudding is one of the traditionally South African Mzansi eats, which you can find almost anywhere in South Africa.

However, everyone’s recipe is different.

It starts with a basic cake, however, the magic lies in its sauce.

Sweet and buttery, good malva pudding is unforgettably South African.

Mzansi: koeksisters

Koeksisters are one of the uniquely South African Mzansi eats.

You’ll enjoy them if you love sugar, cinnamon, and dough.

They’re cheap to make, however, it’s a complicated process. You only make koeksisters for someone you love!

The Guardian also featured a special recipe for Mrs Verword’s koeksisters.

One more: three ingredient cookies

There’s one more unique Mzansi eats recipe.

What about three ingredient cookies?

Make them with peanut butter, flour, and sugar. Don’t eat them raw, though: place this concoction in the oven for a few minutes.

You’ll love the results!

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