Mystery of murdered 22-year-old in Ruiru apartment raises eyebrows

Police are trying to piece together a brutal murder of 22-year-old Jasmin Cherono in Ruiru.

Jasmin’s body was discovered in her rented apartment by a roommate who discovered the body hours after the brutal murder.

Officers who visited the rented apartment at Kihunguro area found Jasmin’s body in a pool of blood.

According to the report, Jasmin’s right breast was missing and the body had other marks. In the apartment, the found a blood-stained kitchen knife, which the police believe was the murder weapon.

The knife had been placed on top of the kitchen table.

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Based on the state of the apartment, the police noted that there was a struggle between the victim and her killers.

Police officers found empty beer bottles in the sitting room, an indication that Cherono and her killers were drinking alcohol before she was killed.

Jasmin’s phone was missing, police indicated that the killers may have taken it.

Her roommate, who is currently in custody said she discovered the lifeless body of at around 1pm on December 22, 2020, since she did not spend the night in the house.

According to her statement, the house was locked from inside.

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