My marriage will work and I will shock you – Dr. OFWENEKE’s ex-wife, NICAH, tells naysayers after she was warned that her fiancé is a notorious skirt-chaser.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 – Dr. Ofweneke’s ex-wife Nicah The Queen is optimistic that her marriage with Dj Slahver will work.

The hunk deejay proposed to Nicah a few days ago, sparking reactions on social media.

A section of Netizens spelled doom on Nicah’s affair with Slahver and alleged that their marriage won’t last.

Some warned her that Slahver is a notorious womanizer with multiple baby mamas.

However, Nicah has told the naysayers that she will enjoy her marriage and bring back a good report on how marriage works.

The voluptuous singer said God has given her a new chapter to redefine marriage.

 “I’m decreeing and declaring that I will enjoy my husband and my marriage! I will bring back a good report on how marriage works! God has given me a new chapter to redefine marriage and relationship to my children,” she wrote.

She further encouraged single mothers not to give up on love.

“All the beautiful single mothers out there God restores, and when he does, they will be so jealous about it that they may just write anything,” she added.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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