November 24, 2020


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‘My biggest fear is after giving birth…’ Anerlisa Muigai scared of loosing sexy figure

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Anerlisa Muigai fears

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai has revealed that her worst fear is how she will look after giving birth.

The rich kid, who got married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol a few months ago is known for her sexy hourglass figure and it seems she’s afraid of losing it after giving birth.

‘My biggest fear is after giving birth will I go back to this? Daah the way I have seen people blow up, I am even scared,’ she posted.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai reveals her biggest fears

Anerlisa Muigai


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Most women after giving birth struggle with post-baby body and a good example is Ben Kitili’s wife Amina Mude.

Amina struggled with postpartum depression after she gave birth to her first child in 2015.

The mother of two was diagnosed with hypothyroidism condition and battled with weight. After giving birth to her second child a year ago, she gained a lot of weight. She had no choice but work out and in July this year, she revealed that she cut down from 110kgs to 74Kgs.

Amina Mude
Amina Mude before and after weight loss

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