MWAI KIBAKI will turn in his grave if he realizes what RUTO has authorised the World Bank to do to Kenyans – LOOK!

Friday, December 8, 2023 – Narok County Senator Ledama Ole Kina has said President William Ruto has become a slave of the World Bank, going by what the Bretton Woods institution is doing in Kenya

In a social media post on Friday, Ole Kina said the World Bank has been drafting legislation and forcing the Kenyan government to implement it.

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Ledama further stated that President William Ruto is not as independent as people think; rather, he is being controlled by the IMF and World Bank.

Some opposition leaders in Kenya have accused the IMF and World Bank of being responsible for the increase in taxes and the privatization of state assets

This is what Ledama Ole Kina, who was elected on the Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) party ticket, wrote on his X platform.

So the World Bank is now drafting legislation for Kenya! And you say we are an independent nation my foot!”