Muturi installed as new Democratic Party leader as Munyao steps down

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has been installed as the new leader of the Democratic Party.

Speaker Muturi who is also the party’s presidential candidate was installed as the DP party leader in a national delegates conference after Joseph Munyao bequeathed the position, a position he has held for the last 20 years.

Accepting the new position, Speaker Muturi said his main agenda if elected President will be slaying the ghost of corruption.

“We have spent most of our resources and efforts in investigating, arresting, prosecuting and recovering stolen assets, this is not enough, we need to reduce and stop the incidences of corruption to have meaningful gain in this fight,” he said.

In addition, Muturi vowed to have preferential taxes to young budding entrepreneurs, by having tax rebates and other tax incentives and tax breaks targeting the youth.

“House loans for young first-time homeowners should be backed by the government to ensure cheap and available mortgages. The youth need to be brought fully into the economy and all measures should be employed to ensure that they are the focal point,” he said.

Further, the new DP flag bearer said he would “revolutionize Kenya’s banking system to become world leaders in the process of moving to 100% digital banking, where mobile phones are our bank accounts.”

On education, Muturi said higher education loans for needy students would be turned into grants adding that “if it wasn’t for the bursaries even I wouldn’t be standing here today every student deserves a fair chance to be something in this country and we must level the playing field.”

The Democratic Party in conclusion maintained it will team up with like-minded parties ahead of August polls.

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