Muslims task gov’t on high commodity prices

Prices of soap have skyrocketed in recent months.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Thousands of Muslims across the country on Monday flocked to several mosques and other worship places to celebrate Eid al’fitr.

Eid al’fitr is celebrated after the fasting of the holy month of Ramadhan. For two years, there has been a limited number of worshippers following the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Monday, the mosques were open to all, with many unbothered about social distancing or wearing of masks.

In Tororo district, the Kadhi Ibrahim Raganyi Asante asked the government to reign over skyrocketing commodity prices in the country. Speaking at the Masjid Noor grounds in Tororo town, Raganyi said that a section of unscrupulous business people are hoarding commodities to make the goods scarce in the market which has led to a rise in prices.

The Kabale District Khadhi, Sheik Khabu Lule decried the hiked prices of essential commodities like soap and asked the government to immediately intervene.

He also tasked the government to crack down on online business scams which have fleeced unsuspecting people of their money.

Lule who was speaking at Kirigime mosque in Kabale municipality said hundreds of people in the Kigezi region including business operators, security officers, teachers, and religious leaders were enticed into investing money in an online cryptocurrency company; Bridge Water Stocks.

He says that they were assured of receiving profits, but the company shutdown unexpectedly in February.

Sheikh Mudathiru Gibedya, the Imam of Masjid Bilal in Mbale city also appealed to the government to ensure that the prices of commodities are reduced.

Ahamad Yusuf Masaba, the Bugisu Muslim District Khadhi who led the prayers asked the government to clarify to Ugandans about the controversial coffee deal.

In Luwero, the District Kadhi Ramadhan Mulindwa asked the government to recognize the Kadhi courts to address case backlogs. Mulindwa who led prayers at Kasana Mosque in Luwero town council said although the courts are provided for in the constitution, the government is yet to recognize and operationalize them.

He added that the courts operating under sharia laws can help to solve family disputes and reduce cases that are brought before secular courts.

Denes Sekabira, the Katikamu North Member of Parliament backed the request saying it will also minimize domestic wrangles due to delayed judgments from secular courts.

Ahmed Rashid, Imam Hadijah Bostan Mosque, Katabi Parish in Entebbe municipality said Muslims should resolve their disputes to ensure a united community. He added that Muslims should also be charitable amidst the rising cost of commodities such as soap, cooking oil, fuel among others.

Umar Bashir, the Imam of Entebbe Masjid Taqua Mosque called on Muslims to remain pure holy after Ramadan.

He also urged Muslims to unite and resolve conflicts including the land dispute between the mosque and RWS Ltd, an Indian company, that signed a memorandum of understanding with Entebbe Municipal Council in 2015.



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