Museveni Has Good Reasons for Working with Opposition



Minister of State for Luwero and Rwenzori, Hon Alice Kaboyo has said that President Yoweri Museveni’s long history of working with leaders from the political opposition is based in the NRM’s policy of uniting all people for the development of Uganda and the continent of Africa.

“This is part of our own ideology, to gather all people because we are now talking about the East African Community and African Unity; we have to bring everyone on board if we are to achieve this,” she said.

Hon Kaboyo made the remarks on Thursday while addressing leaders of the civilian veterans in Luwero district.
During the meeting, some of the leaders expressed concern on why the president has continued to appoint opposition figures into top government positions, giving the example of DP President Norbert Mao, who is now the Minister of Justice.

Hon Kaboyo has been meeting leaders in Luwero this week

“Our issue is why are the opposition people benefitting while the children of the house are starving,” said one Mulwana, in the meeting.

In response, Hon Kaboyo reminded the leaders that since the early years of the NRM government, Museveni emphasized inviting his opponents to the table.

She gave the example of the recently deceased Dr Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere of the opposition DP, who served in three different cabinet positions between 1986 and 1995.

“We are supposed to work together. Diving ourselves on religious and political lines will not help us and certainly, President Museveni is not all about that,” she said.

The leader posed with the Minister for a group photo

“By working with everyone, even our young people who joined the NUP can been convinced to come back.”
During the meeting, the leaders resolved to write a comprehensive petition to President Museveni, their party chairman to express to him their grievances.
Among others, these want the president to reign in on the party leadership which they say is dormant most of the time and only becomes active during election time.
The leaders also want the president to take action of powerful people in government who are involved in grabbing their land, some of them with protection from the UPDF.

Hon Kaboyo promised to help the leaders prepare the petition together with the Luwero Rdc to be sent to the party chairman.

The leaders expressing their views

Regarding the leaders’ request for establishment of a bush war museum in Luwero, Hon Kaboyo informed them that the president had suggested building it in neighboring Nakaseke district, where the NRM gained a lot of strength.
“I know there has been a lot of rope pulling on where we should build the museum, with some people saying it should be in Kikandwa where the 9 families perished, but the president said he doesn’t want to be reminded of the difficult times of the war. At the time of the Kikandwa massacre, the NRA was still weak and vulnerable. So the president wants the memorial to be in Ngoma in Nakaseke, because that was when the resistance gained a lot of momentum,” she said.

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