Museveni Defends PM Nabbanja as Hardworking, Consistent

President Yoweri Museveni has leapt in defence of Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, who since her appointment mid last year has suffered constant criticism and queries about her competence.

This criticism has often come from both the opposition and her own colleagues in government as well as political observers and sections of the public.

The Premier has on a number of occasions been painted as inept and unqualified for the office by MPs including Kira Municipality’s Ibrahim Semujju Nganda who claimed at some point that she couldn’t head a garbage company.

Her own junior minister, Hillary Onek openly accused her of being ignorant and using populist means in executing her duties.

The latest blow to Hon Nabbanja reputation came last week when a leaked video showed her fumbling to remember words for a recorded speech, before her chair collapsed backwards nearly throwing her to the ground.

The Minister was reportedly angered by the leakage of the clip and ordered suspension of the UBC reporter.

However, while speaking yesterday at Bwikya Muslim Primary School. President Museveni reiterated confidence in the Premier.

Speaking in a mixture of Runyoro/Rutooro and Runyankole/Rukiga, Museveni sought to highlight some of Nabbanja’s positive attributes.

“There was a time when we were in an election to chase this girl called Asinansi (Nyakato). I visited this area and found NRM supporters crisscrossing looking for votes. I quickly recognized that Nabbanja was a force to reckon with,” the President remarked.

The President described Nabbanja as a “hardworking lady, brave, trustworthy, doesn’t speak two languages.”

“She speaks one tongue, that’s why she is known as Majegere in her home area. So when I spotted this, I called her and told her: come and take this position of Prime Minister, we see.”

He added, “She’s relentless, always traversing areas close and afar. Now as you can see, I am relaxed just observing you. Like any other elder, I just sit somewhere and observe how the children are performing,” he concluded.

Earlier at the event, Nabbanja confessed that she, like many others, was surprised by her appointment.

“I was not expecting to be appointed Prime Minister because I wasn’t in the queue. I was still in the background. My boss I don’t know what to say but I was humbled to be appointed Prime Minister of such a developing country.”

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