Mukula angers Soroti leaders for pinning NRM failures on rebel insurgencies

Capt. Mike Mukula. File Photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The vice-chairperson of the National Resistance Movement- NRM for Eastern Uganda, Capt. Mike Mukula has angered a section of leaders in Soroti after he claimed that NRM has been fighting rebels for 32 years.

Last week while addressing mourners at the burial of David Anyoti Obyara, the former Minister of Information in the Obote II government, he said that the NRM party has not had adequate time to concentrate on development because of continuous rebel insurgencies from 1986. He pleaded with the people of Teso to vote NRM and realize fruits of development, peace and stability.

His comments come at the time when sections of the Teso community are rallying their own Patrick Amuriat Oboi for presidency under the opposition Forum for Democratic Change- FDC party.

He said that NRM is building a new Uganda where government officials don’t need to run into exile after a new leader has taken overpower.

Mukula listed nine rebel groups that he explained fought NRM from inception until 2018.

Among the rebel groups he mentioned include Force Obote Back Again by Aggrey Awori in 1986, Uganda People’s Army- UPA in Teso led by Peter Otai and the group, Holy Spirit Movement by Alice Lakwena, the National Army for the Liberation of Uganda in Rwenzori, Allied Democratic Force by Jamil Mukulu and the Lord’s Resistance Army by Joseph Kony among others.

Mukula noted that NRM government isn’t just clinging on power but fighting for the common good of all Ugandans.


However, his statements have not gone well with a section of leaders in Teso. Paul Omer, the Soroti city interim mayor says Mukula is a joker who cannot be taken seriously. Omer wonders why Mukula and NRM attribute their failures to rebels when they have had more than enough time to address issues affecting the country.

Rev. Michael Okwii Esakan of Soroti Diocese says Mukula’s comments are unfortunate for the party he serves. He explained that after 35 years in power, Mukula and NRM should be counting achievements to Ugandans, not blaming rebel insurgencies.



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