Mudavadi party to merge with Ruto’s UDA ahead of 2027 elections

The process to merge the Amani National Congress (ANC) with President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has officially begun.

The development was announced during a meeting with ANC officials, led by the former party leader, Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, at State House Nairobi.

Speaking during the meeting, ANC party leader Issa Timamy said the merger has been long overdue, adding that the two parties not only share visions but also aspirations that will move the country forward.

“I have no doubt in my mind that this idea is one whose time has come. In politics and governance, the overriding objective of participating in politics as politicians and political parties is to win and form government. This is what the proposed merger of our parties aims to achieve,” said Timamy.

On his part, Mudavadi opined that it would be impractical for ANC to field a Presidential candidate to compete against President William Ruto in 2027, saying the party stands to gain more by working with the UDA.

“You can be penny wise but pound foolish. Politically, as ANC, let’s not be penny wise and pound foolish; let’s be part of a bigger formation,” Mudavadi stated.

“After my moment of meditation, I concluded that the best place for me to work in consultation and direct ANC to is with President William Ruto. I am satisfied that with President Ruto, you are in safe hands. The alternative would have been to be quiet and let you go into the wilderness,” he added.

President Ruto expressed his commitment to transforming Kenya’s political landscape by moving away from personality and tribal-based politics to ideology-driven parties.

“I am committed to making sure that we change the politics of Kenya so that political parties in the future do not represent personalities or tribes but are identified by their manifesto, plans, and vision for the country,” he said.

The head of state explained that the decision by ANC to work with UDA was initially met with skepticism but has borne fruit in the long run.

“When ANC made the decision to work with UDA, many people were unsure if it was the right decision. However, it proved to be the right decision because we formed the government. This merger is the right decision because we will have a stronger party and a stronger Kenya going into the future,” he stated.

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