Movies For The Night Owl: 16th February, 2022

Late night? One of those days, isn’t it. Well take heart with these 5 must watch movies you can binge to pass the time till that first ray of sunshine.


First on the list is one WORTH THE WAIT. In this new Netflix glam of Africa, meet stars from all over the continent sharing the glitz, glamour and just a touch of . You can’t miss this. Young, Famous & African arrives March 18. Only on Netflix.


Would you like to play a game? Scream returns to the theaters and horror movie fans just cant get enough! Watch this tantalizing, edge-seating piece and then TRY to fall asleep. We’ll wait.


Ever wanted to get a glance into the complicated and interesting world of men? Then watch Love Is Blind Season 2! Shayne and Jarrette show you life inside the men’s lounge while dating in the pods.


Meet Nezir, Aïssatou, Bling and Apolline, four comedians. Between their doubts, their jokes and their courage, they will do anything to be successful at stand-up. We guarantee you laughter with a touch of “Aweee”


Are you a cartoon lover? Then this next one is for you! Classic cartoon craziness meets an interactive quiz in CAT BURGLAR. With an average runtime of ten minutes, and over an hour and a half of animation to choose from, you could watch this a hundred times and never view the same cartoon twice!

Whether you’re passing the time or making some quality memories with a loved one – movies do pretty well for everyone. Happy Watching!

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