MOSES WETANGULA’s man calls for the arrest of RAILA ODINGA on Monday

Thursday, March 23, 2023 – A close ally of Speaker of the National Assembly, Moses Wetangula, has called for the arrest of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga if he leads another mass protest on Monday.

Raila Odinga has declared that he will be holding mass action every Monday and Thursday to force the Kenya Kwanza Alliance government to reduce the high cost of living.

However, speaking on Thursday, Kabuchai Constituency Member of Parliament Majimbo Kalasinga called for the immediate arrest of Raila Odinga if he holds a mass protest on Monday.

Kalasinga said it is unfortunate that President William Ruto’s government has allowed Raila Odinga to cause chaos and anarchy in the country and yet he is still a free man.

Is it peaceful to have a protest in which people destroy everything at an international conference in Kisumu? The leader of Maandamano, Raila Odinga must be arrested for what he caused,” Kalasinga said.