More reckless drivers take their cars for a dip at the beach [photos]

One New Year’s Day this year, the owner of a Range Rover went viral after he was seen speeding on a beach that was packed with bathers. The story became even more interesting for social media users after it was later revealed that the car ended up submerged in the ocean’s water.

Now various photos have surfaced that prove many motorists are taking part in the dangerous activity.

Many motorists are dangerously driving on beaches in South Africa

Just when you thought no one would drive their car on a beach so close to the ocean, you find out that the man who first went viral for the dangerous activity is not the only one.

At the beginning of this year, the driver of a Range Rover went viral when he drove across a Richard’s Bay beach in his expensive car. His silly behaviour quickly resulted in a hefty price to pay after the car ended up partially submerged in ocean water.

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Now many more photos have been shared on Facebook by the Zululand Observer of other motorists who drove way too close to the Pelican Island/Bay Hall area beaches.

In the first photo, a truck got stuck in wet sand along the ocean. The second photo shows a 4×4 bakkie that looks like it was driven straight into the ocean purposefully. Both pictures reportedly were taken at Pelican Island.

Take a look at the pictures below:

These cars were also driven into beach waters. Image via Facebook: Zululand Observer

No arrests made…yet

While there is no news on whether or not the guy behind the Range Rover wheel was arrested or fined for contravening a number of bylaws, Richards Bay detectives are currently investigating the matter.

City of uMhlathuze communications manager Mdu Ncalane told Zululand Observer that these reckless actions will not be tolerated.

“The municipality will apply its mind to find other possible measures to prevent vehicles from driving along the shore,” said Mdu.

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