Monarch’s son murder: Family alleges Police compromise, demands case transfer

Emma Elekwa, Onitsha

The family of Umu-Ojukwu in Nkolofi village in Awka Etiti, Anambra state has raised the alarm over alleged Police compromise on the investigation of the alleged murder of its son, Prince Chukwuma Ojukwu.

The deceased was murdered inside his father’s palace by yet to be identified assailants on September 7.

The family, in a petition written to the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu through its lawyer, Bar. Nkem Olisa, accused the Police of the plot to scuttle the investigations at the instance of one of the suspects who had vowed to kill the case through her connections.

It also alleged that one of the prime suspects was yet to make a police statement despite repeatedly fingered by various parties who had made their own statements.

While insisting on thorough investigation and prosecution of the matter, the family called for the transfer of the case to any office in the South East to unravel the circumstances behind the dastardly act.

The petition titled, “Attempt to scuttle investigations into the murder of Prince Chukwumezie Ojukwu”, partly read, “Our clients the Umu-Ojukwu Royal Family on November 17, 2020, wrote a petition to the office of the Anambra state Commissioner of Police calling for an investigation into the murder of their son late Chukwuma Angus Ojukwu (alias Agujiugo).

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“This is after the case which was first reported to Nnobi Police station was ridiculously handled by that station where an eye witness to the murder was allowed to walk away free.

“Our clients further instruct that they have provided the police with valuable information pointing out the lead suspects in the murder of their son.

“The duo have been having a running battle with the murdered Prince over the properties of their late father and husband which culminated in the murdered prince denouncing them both a day before his murder.

“Our clients further stated that their son was murdered in his flat in the family compound at Awka-Ekiti by a gang led by someone who obviously had the key to the padlock used in locking the main gate as the assailants unlocked the padlock and drove into the compound.”