Mohale chastises Cassper over Riky Rick tribute: ‘This is homophobic’

Mohale is one of a number of tweeps who have found Cassper Nyovest’s Twitter tribute to Riky Rick to be distasteful…

The actor called out the rapper after the wording of his tweet offended a number of fans, including him.

But Mohale is seemingly backtracking on his words…


In a since-deleted tweet, Mohale replied to Cassper’s tribute, posting: “This is very homophobic. Please remove”.

The estranged husband of Somizi was referring to a tweet posted by Cassper, which many other tweeps claimed had “homophobic undertones”.

Cassper wrote in his caption: “As a man, I am very uncomfortable with another man touching me or worse, being behind me. So when Riky creeped up behind me in the middle of an interview, what I really wanna do is turn around and ask ‘Which one is this one now’ lol… But when I heard his voice I chilled”.

Mohale calls Cassper homophobic in a since-deleted tweet

A number of tweeps agreed with Mohale. “Cassper Nyovest said exactly what he said and he displayed fragile masculinity and homophobic behavior from his caption”, posted one tweep.

Ha.a mntase. Queer people are killed, raped and harmed in this country due to homophobia. Cassper’s tweet is homophobic. Such utterances on a wide platform can perpetuate these hate crimes. It is wrong to tone police people who are on the receiving end of this violence.

— Mama ka Molly (@ThembiMatroshe) February 25, 2022


On the flip side, many tweeps claimed Mohale’s tweet was a “reach”.

The MTV Shuga actor found himself soon topping the trends list due to the backlash of his tweet.

“Mohale must just focus on himself and looting money, nothing is homophobic here. If another man is uncomfortable he is uncomfortable about it”

“Cassper wasn’t being homophobic at all. As a straight man he should feel uncomfortable when another man touches him as much as us homosexual people feel uncomfortable touched by a woman. Any human being would feel uncomfortable creeped up on, HAVE SEVERAL SEATS!”

“If anything, Cassper Nyovest tweet shows how dodgy South African men are. Even they themselves do not trust each other. It was not about sexuality, but gender. Mohale – the homophobic police, got it wrong this time”

“What ever y’all do please don’t bash the rainbow community we don’t share same sentiments as Mohale. We understand and respect people’s boundaries. Thank you”


Mohale thinks having boundaries is homophobic ? That’s crazy.

— Ziie. (@ZiieRadebe) February 25, 2022

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