November 24, 2020


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Mobile payment: Google enriches its Pay application

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This new version presents transaction data in a contextual and enriched way, offers personalized good deals and, soon, will allow you to directly open an online account.

Google has just presented a redesign of Pay, its mobile payment application. Available for the moment in the United States only, this new version improves existing functionalities and offers new ones. The default screen (“Home”) is that of the payment, the presentation of which has been completely revised. Thus, we can now carry out transactions by focusing on people, groups of people or companies. The transactions then appear as in a discussion thread.

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The new “Explore” screen is that of offers and tips. These can be generic or customized. In the latter case, the user must give his consent so that Google can analyze his transactions. The web giant, however, specifies that this data will never be transmitted to third parties.

The third main screen is “Insights” which presents an analysis of past transactions by categorizing them automatically. To gain relevance, Google will even be able to scan emails and user account photos, looking for financial data. Finally, Google announces the upcoming launch of “Plex Account”, a feature that will allow the user to open an online account with one of the 11 banking partners.

Source : Google

Source: Mobile payment: Google enriches its Pay application