Missy Elliott admits she postponed tour to care for beloved dog

Missy Elliott admits she postponed tour to care for beloved dog

Hip-hop legend Missy Elliott is finally hitting the road for her long-awaited “Out of This World – The Missy Elliott Experience” tour, a two-month journey across the US and Canada. This marks her first-ever headlining tour, with Ciara, Timbaland, and Busta Rhymes joining her for the celebration.

However, fans might be surprised to learn the tour was originally planned for last summer. In a recent interview with People magazine, Elliott revealed the heartwarming reason behind the delay: her devotion to her senior dog, Hoodie.

Missy Elliott’s Beloved Companion: Hoodie Takes Priority

Hoodie, a 17-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, wasn’t just a pet for Missy Elliott; he was a beloved furry fashion icon and world traveler by her side. Sadly, Hoodie was nearing the end of his life, and Elliott chose to prioritize spending his final days at home.

“I stayed home a lot because I didn’t want to go out on the road, and something happened,” Elliott shared. “He was 17 and lived a long, happy life.”

With a heavy heart but a clear conscience, Elliott made the difficult decision. “So Ciara and my dog played a big influence in me making the decision to go out,” she continued, highlighting the emotional support she received.

Remembering Another Furry Friend: A Legacy of Love for Poncho

This isn’t Elliott’s first experience with canine companionship. Sadly, she lost another beloved Yorkie named Poncho in 2017. (A heartwarming photo of the pair during Christmas 2012 accompanies this article).

Missy Elliott’s New Pup: Miss Fendi Dior Carries the Torch

Thankfully, Elliott’s love for dogs continues with Miss Fendi Dior, her energetic 6-year-old Yorkie. Based on the pup’s name, it’s clear Miss Fendi Dior is carrying on Hoodie’s fashion legacy.

“I know people sometimes be like, ‘Why y’all dressing those dogs?’” Elliott chuckled, “But she likes clothes. She really [does] like clothes. She [sees] me pulling out the outfit [and] she’s running. She knows that means.”

With her furry friend by her side (and undoubtedly rocking some pawsome outfits), Missy Elliott is ready to embark on this exciting tour and share her music with the world.