Minister Phaahla targets filling over 2000 doctor vacancies

Health Minister Joe Phaahla has addressed concerns over unfunded vacancies in the health sector. He revealed that there are currently 2012 vacant posts for medical doctors across nine provinces. These vacant posts require R2.4 billion to fill them.

These vacancies are in addition to positions for other vital health professionals. Professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, radiographers, and dentists.

Minister Phaahla assures public: Government prioritises recruitment of health professionals

In a statement released on Friday, Minister Phaahla assured citizens that the government is actively working to address the issue, emphasising that the recruitment of qualified health professionals is a top priority.

He stated, “We are making progress in the recruitment of qualified health professionals across the country,” dispelling any myths that the department is neglecting the matter.

Moreover, Minister Phaahla announced that between January and March 2024, a total of 2066 health professionals have been appointed nationwide. Furthermore, these appointments include 1121 medical officers, 579 professional nurses, and various other allied health workers.

Additionally, the recruitment process is ongoing. Also, with more appointments scheduled to commence duties in May 2024.

Highlighting the collaborative efforts between the Health Ministry and provincial authorities, Minister Phaahla emphasised the importance of activating unfunded vacancies using additional budget allocations.

Encouragement to job seekers: Explore opportunities beyond current location

Minister Phaahla encouraged applicants to consider opportunities beyond their current residence. As appointments are made in accordance with employment guidelines issued by the Department of Public Service and Administration.

Minister Phaahla concluded by reaffirming the government’s commitment to strengthening the public health system by employing as many qualified professionals as possible.