Minister Kasolo Applauds AG Kafuuzi for Emyooga Performance in Kyegegwa

The Minister of State for Microfinance, Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo has applauded Deputy Attorney General, Jackson Kafuuzi for ensuring successful implementation of government programmes such as Emyooga in his Kyaka South Constituency, Kyegegwa district.

Kasolo, who was in Kafuuzi’s Constituency on Friday morning to monitor the performance of Emyooga Programme, said good leaders are “scarce.”

“Thank you for electing Jackson Kafuuzi unopposed. Some people are short sighted, they don’t see far. If you elect a leader, and is appointed Deputy Attorney General, what else do you want? There are so many MPs who are not appointed Ministers. So, when the President chooses your leader and appoints him Deputy Attorney General, I am telling you, he is hardworking,” Kasolo told Kyaka locals.

He added, “You should continue supporting him. He no longer works for himself, but you his electorate. You are going to see so many projects coming to your Constituency.”

Kasolo sensitized Kyegegwa district residents to have a daily income generating activity, and save money everyday if they are to overcome poverty.

“Spend only when you must. I teach you this so that you save. Saving is the major point. The Emyooga performance is determined by savings and loan recovery. For anyone to be rich, you must have a business that gives you money everyday. If you are a man or woman, and you wake up to do nothing, I don’t know what to call you,” Kasolo said.

“Salary earners who don’t have daily income generating activity always form long lines at the bank to withdraw money at the end of the month. They are badly off. A salary can never make you rich. A person’s wealth is determined by their daily saving. So, if you don’t have a business that earns you money everyday, after here, go and start it. Stay home women, make sure you have a project at home that earns you money everyday,” he added.

Kyaka South Constituency residents listening to Minister Kasolo.

Emyooga performance in Kyegegwa District

The District received 1.68 billion shillings. The money was disbursed to 54 SACCOs. Specifically for Kyaka South Constituency which Minister Kasolo visited on Friday, received 560 million shillings.

A total of 18 SACCOs were formed, but 17 SACCOs were able to use the money received.

The SACCO for the elected local leaders was not formed because the programme was introduced during election time, and leaders dissociated themselves from it, according to LC 5 Chairman, John Byamukama Kisoke.

A total of 54 SACCOs were formed by 1,094 Associations across the district, but specifically for Kyaka South, there is 235 Associations.

The amount of loans so far disbursed to the entire District total to 1.25 billion shillings, and the amount so far recovered is equivalent to 960 million.

For Kyaka South, out of 560 million shillings received, the loan recovery amounts to 300 million shillings.

“For the savings, ideally, as they had told you earlier on, the mindset of our communities is still a challenge. But the fact that Emyooga is a revolving fund, we have told them, we will not change any goal post. So, for us, in terms of savings, district wide, we have managed to save 268 million. As Kyaka South, they have managed to save 133 million,” said the District Commercial Officer.

The Emyooga SACCOs in the district had 124 million shillings in shares, of which 29 million shillings is for SACCOs in Kyaka South.

Some of the SACCOs that exhibited fairly good performance in Kyaka South Constituency is Produce Dealers.

The SACCO is formed by 47 Associations with 950 members. As all SACCOs, it received a seed capital of 30m from the Microfinance Support Centre (MSC).

The SACCO collected 7 million shillings in membership, 6 million in shares, 26 million shillings in savings, and 700,000 shillings in loan application.

It disbursed 50.4 million shillings, and it’s total loan portfolio stands at 19 million shillings.

Other SACCOs such as the one for journalists, however, did not perform well especially in loan recovery.

The Kyaka South Journalists Emyooga SACCO is formed by 6 Associations with 136 members.

It had savings amounting to 10.7 million shillings, and received 30 million shillings from MSC.

The SACCO disbursed 31.5 million shillings in phase one, and 13.4 million in phase two.

The SACCO has, however, registered a loan recovery of only 15.6 million shillings.

Different SACCOs in the constituency raised various challenges encountered, and they included people’s mindset as many beneficiaries thought the money for Emyooga was a token of appreciation from President Museveni for electing NRM Government.

The Kyegegwa district LC 5 Chairman, John Byamukama Kisoke said the fact that the Programme was introduced during election season, many leaders were busy campaigning and shunned it.

“The challenge is that Emyooga was introduced during campaigns, and most leaders disassociated with the programme because they were not even sure whether the programme would be implemented or not. But after elections, we have also joined as political leaders to support the Emyooga, and also sensitize the communities that it is a very good Programme,” he said.

“However, in Kyaka South, the SACCO for leaders was not formed. But the money came, and we still have it on the account. Therefore, I am calling upon the leaders of Kyaka South to organize themselves, form groups, and they are able to qualify for funds,” he added.

The Kyegegwa Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Monica Karungi warned to arrest any defaulters of Emyooga funds.

Kyegegwa Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Monica Karungi speaking to residents of Kyaka South on Friday.

“What we have got is that you (beneficiaries) are doing well. But defaulters, you are cheating yourselves. CDOs, we need to sensitize these people. I will do periodic monitoring. Whoever wants to default Emyooga funds, I am going to work with DPC and DSO, and we will look for you,” she said.


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