Mike Bolhuis resolves quirky conflicts in kykNET’s ‘Bolhuis Beslis’

Mike Bolhuis resolves quirky conflicts in kykNET’s ‘Bolhuis Beslis’

This July, prepare for a thrilling new show as Bolhuis Beslis debuts on kykNET. In this gripping series, well-known private investigator Mike Bolhuis steps into the investigation chair to resolve disputes that start small but threaten to escalate.


Mike Bolhuis is a name synonymous with intrigue and investigation.

In Bolhuis Beslis, he tackles everyday disputes that have spiralled out of control, according to kykNet.

These are not grand legal battles but small, quirky cases that highlight human nature and the importance of resolving conflicts.

“This programme shows you how small disagreements between parties can quickly spiral out of control and escalate,” says Mike.

“And they are usually easily solvable.


You wouldn’t believe how many cases like these there are.”

In the first episode, we meet Alta, a mother who asked a caterer for a minimalistic naked cake for her son’s 21st birthday.

However, due to a misunderstanding, she received a cake shaped like a naked woman instead.

This hilarious yet awkward mix-up sets the tone for the kind of unique cases viewers can expect.

Another episode features Yaella from Heidelberg, who finds herself in a heated online dispute with Heidi.


Heidi is the administrator of the local Facebook group, the Heidelberg Geselsgroepie.

She had removed an inappropriate post by Yaella, sparking an ugly public argument, according to Rooi Rose.

The drama that unfolds captures the chaos of social media conflicts.

Then there’s the case of Eben, a pigeon racing enthusiast whose hobby has taken over his life.

His wife, Amber, feels neglected and overwhelmed by the amount of time and money Eben dedicates to his pigeons.


“She believes Eben struggles to maintain a life-pigeon balance,” says Mike, who steps in to mediate and offer a solution.

Produced by Provoco, Rian van Heerden’s production company, Bolhuis Beslis promises high drama and compelling entertainment.

Provoco has previously brought audiences hits like Bolhuis, Laataand by Rian, Liefde sonder grense, and Die siener. This new series continues their tradition of captivating television.

Rian van Heerden highlights the unique appeal of the show.

“Seeing Mike in a completely different role – this time resolving disputes between parties – is quite a rollercoaster ride.


Mike also gives us a glimpse into his daily life.

Something we haven’t experienced before. This is a show to look forward to.”

The format of Bolhuis Beslis allows viewers to see the complexities of everyday life and the potential for minor issues to become major headaches.

Each episode is a testament to the importance of communication and understanding in resolving conflicts.

The show is not just about the resolution but also about the journey to get there, with Mike Bolhuis guiding the way.


Mark your calendars for 9 July 2024 and get ready to tune in at 21:00 on kykNET (DStv channel 144).

Bolhuis Beslis is set to be a highlight of your viewing schedule.

Don’t miss out on the chance to watch Mike Bolhuis in action, solving quirky cases with his trademark wit and wisdom.

This is television at its most engaging – real-life drama that’s both entertaining and enlightening.