MFA confirms 201 Kenyans in Ukraine are safe

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that all 201 Kenyans in Ukraine are safe.  

This even as the sound of gunfire echoed through Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, as Russian tanks were filmed entering the city for the first time.

Kenya through its mission in Vienna Thursday issued a cautionary advisory note to its citizens in Ukraine.

“Kenyans have been advised to make an assessment as to their circumstances and to take necessary precaution and /or make arrangements to leave as they deem fit in light of their own circumstances” appealed MFA in a statement.

There were concerns that some Kenyans fleeing the invasion were stranded at border points particularly with Poland because of visa restrictions.

The government consequently reached out to the countries neighbouring Ukraine within the EU to allow Kenyans to transit through their borders should they wish to return home.

After successful negotiations, the countries have agreed to open their borders.

“EU Member States bordering Ukraine have agreed to open their borders to Kenyans stuck in Ukraine to allow free passage following negotiations with Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Amb Macharia Kamau this afternoon,” said Foreign Affairs Ministry.

There are 201 confirmed Kenyans in Ukraine, 18 permanent residents and 183 students.

On Thursday during question and statement time in parliament, Kwale Woman Representative Zulekha Hassan requested a statement from the Foreign Affairs office, in regards to measures being taken to bring back Kenyans caught up in the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

She also asked the government to consider relocating the citizens to safer regions within Ukraine or to peaceful nations that neighbour Ukraine.

Other African nations such as Nigeria have already announced plans to evacuate their citizens from the country following Russia’s invasion.

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