Meet KHUSHI SINGER, a 6 year old Indian girl who is taking Kenya’s music industry by storm (VIDEO)

Wednesday, 18 November 2020 – A 6-year-old Indian girl, who goes by the stage name Kushi Singer, has turned a popular nursery rhyme into modern pop music and the outcome is just amazing.

The young girl with an angelic voice and soothing vocals released the song about a week ago and it has been received well.

The danceable song that is dubbed Oyaa is produced by legendary producer Dominic Khaemba of Ageless Music.

Khaemba used his magical fingers to produce a catchy beat for the 6-year-old talented girl and she didn’t disappoint.

The song can be classified as contemporary dance-pop music and is top notch.

Skilled video director Miwo BP worked on the video and just like the audio producer, he did a wonderful job.


To ensure that a high quality music video is produced, the director used a drone and a gaffer.

Khushi’s mission is to transform generations using her talent.

To get Oyaa as a SKiza Ringtone, SMS 5433178 to 811.

Here’s a video of the amazing song.