Media Centre Official, Obed Katureebe Arrested by Military Intelligence 

Obed Katureebe, a senior employee of Uganda Media Centre (UMC), has been arrested, Chimp Corps exclusively report.

Katureebe was on Monday afternoon picked from his residence in Kyanja, a Kampala suburb, by armed officials from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). 

“The military officials arrived at Katureebe’s home at around 3:00pm,” said a close family friend who preferred anonymity to avoid retribution.

The soldiers instructed Katureebe to board their vehicle before driving off to an unknown destination.

As of this Monday morning, Katureebe’s family was still trying to establish his whereabouts. 

“We have not talked to him since yesterday,” said a family member, adding, “His known mobile cell phone is switched off.”

Contacted for comment, Uganda Media Centre boss, Ofwono Opondo said Katureebe “is not under arrest but he is under security protection.” 

Opondo said some “people were intent on harming him (Katureebe)”, emphasising, “He is with security; they are giving him protection.”

Opondo further said security had expressed hope that within five days, they will have “apprehended people who intended to harm him (Katureebe). 

Asked if security shared with him details of those who planned to harm Katureebe, Opondo said that was a “confidential matter” of the security organs.

If Katureebe was under state protection, the military would have allowed the family to speak to him or know his location. 

Rwanda saga 

However, investigations conducted by ChimpReports the Rwandan government recently complained that Katureebe was using a pseudonym (Gakwerere) to attack President Paul Kagame.

On Facebook, Gakwerere is known for hurling insults at Rwandan leaders, accusing them of all sorts of crimes. 

In a recent article, Katureebe denied claims of masterminding the Gakwerere Facebook account. 

“Personally, I have been wrongly labeled a vitriolic critic of the Rwandan government who hides my identity through the pseudo names of some blogger who identifies himself as RPF Gakwerere,” said Katureebe in a media article hailing Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Kagame for reviving bilateral ties between Uganda and Rwanda. 

“So sad that I also have no idea about this blogger,” he said, adding, “I chose not to respond to the several accusations by several trolls in Rwanda because I knew no amount of talk would exonerate me as long as the two countries were still having a standoff.”

Katureebe said since the standoff was over and “there are now honest conversations between the two governments and the era of greedy information merchants is over. No doubt soon the real Gakwerere will be known.”

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