Mbuso Mandela & girlfriend spark concerns over abuse allegations [watch]

In a shocking clip shared on social media, Mbuso Mandela – the grandson of Nelson Mandela – has admitted to abusing women.

The 31-year-old posted a clip on his social media account in which he “confessed” to beating and strangling his girlfriend.

But in a strange twist of events, his unnamed partner has professed that his claims are “false” and made after a “angry fight”.


In a video posted and later deleted on his Instagram account, Mbuso Mandela “confesses” to beat a “woman abuser”.

He says in the clip: “Howzit guys. My name is Mbuso Mandela, and I am a woman abuser. I put my girlfriend’s head through the window and through the trellidor, and I strangled her.

“She needs me to admit it so I am admitting it. In front of everybody. To everybody”.

A woman’s voice can be heard in the background saying: “He strangled me”.

Mbuso Mandela deleted the video off social media, but not before it was downloaded and reposted by several gossip sites.

Mbuso Mandela admits to abusing and strangling his girlfriend. pic.twitter.com/MteJucd3lT

— Musa Khawula (@MusaKhawula) January 25, 2022


Not long after Mbuso Mandela’s clip started trending, his girlfriend posted her own video, claiming that he did not abuse her.

Wearing a bra and a pair of panties, the woman filmed herself in the mirror. She said: “I’m doing this video just to show to you guys that he did not abuse me. As you can see there are no bruises. My face is fine.

“Not too sure where he had my head through a trellidor, but I’m pretty sure it would have been swollen. There’s the trellidor, no marks.

“You will notice that there is a small blue mark over there, but that happened maybe Thursday when I was at Saint. Bumped into a person, and got a blue mark, and I bruise easily”.

Mbuso Mandela’s partner is denying the claims Mandela made about abusing and strangling her. More on https://t.co/LrV7bp99Oq pic.twitter.com/ePjaHtharm

— Citi Life (@Citi_Life_) January 26, 2022

The woman claims Mbuso Mandela lied about his video confession. She added: “I dont know why…well I do get why he posted that. In our angry little fight, I called his bluff and told him that he would never try and ruin his reputation. I was wrong, I admit that completely”.


Mbuso Mandela – the son of the late Magkatho Mandela, who was born to Mandela and his first wife Evelyn – trended on Twitter after the lover’s quarrel.

Many tweeps commented on the video, insinuating that the Mbuso Mandela was “high on drugs” in the video.

“His as high as a 747 jet yhooo”

“Ama drugs. He looks like he just survived a swarm of bees”

“Nyaope boy, he must be arrested”


His as high as a 747 jet yhooo

— Dilinja1 (@NkululekoMantsh) January 25, 2022

One follower even claimed that both Mbuso and his girlfriend abuse drugs.

“I used to do drugs with them both, they get very abusive with each other”, claimed an Instagram user.

Mbuso Mandela and girlfriend accused of abusing drugs
Image via Instagram

Others claimed that Mbuso Mandela had pressured his girlfriend into retracting his claims.

“I really hope she is not under any duress to help him retract the statements he made in his video”

“She doesn’t look comfortable, she is being abused. She keeps looking to the side as if someone is there”

IG users accuse Mbuso Mandela of abusing his girlfriend
Image via Instagram

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