November 28, 2020


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‘Mboka ni mboka’, Kenyans react after William Ruto dined with Salt Bae in Dubai

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Salt Bae

DP William Ruto is currently in Dubai. The veteran politician together with a few friends had dinner at one of the top restaurants in Dubai, where the famous Salt Bae treated them to a delicious meal.

‘This evening I interacted with Hustler Salt Bae, a Turkish butcher, who has created a successful hustle out of salt, nyama and a knife. Mahustler wa Kenyatta, Burma, Dagoreti markets na wengine mko na compe na lessons hapo, mjipange. Kazi ni kazi, wìra ni wìra, mboka ni mboka,’ he posted accompanied by the photos below.

DP Ruto and Salt Bae

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Check out the reactions from Kenyans;

Tcha Ayub Hii Covid-19 na hakuna mask na sijui corona am disappointed!

Paulo Cairo This butcher has also served Messi. No hustler will ever be served by him. Only the rich get to be served by him. Why would a DP of a country post such a video. What are we supposed to learn from it?

Abraham Mutai The poor folks from Burma Kenyatta and Dagoreti markets will never be billionaires in the level of William Ruto and Salt Bae. That’s what they need to know and be told to their faces. You won’t be billionaire BUTCHER in Kenya especially LEGITIMATELY. Iyo nayo hakuna. Bitter TRUTH

Captain Dominic True Mboka Ni Mboka.

DP Ruto and Salt Bae

Guilermolazsl Mmeamua hii nchi mtakuwa mkituongelesha kama watoto. Speaking in sheng doesn’t impress us. Policies and jobs will.

C’Otewa You out there eating Gold coated steak that goes for Ksh 100,000 a piece na bado unatuenjoy ukijiita hustler. Maajabu kweli kweli

P Tah Wanjeerih Ngugi A hustler in Dubai.use your heads to realise the meaning of the word

hottwerkerskenya Wanakula Nyama. Sisi tunakula Shida 👀👀👀

djshiti_comedian Haki Kukuwa Mheshimiwa si ni poa.. yani kuweka chunvi kwa nyama unapigiwa makofi👏👏👏 wengine wanachinja hiyo ng’ombe but kelele ya mdosi imewachosha kwa Slaughter house 🏡.

flaqo411 Ivo ndio Ruro ameomoka🔥🔥keep representing us out there🔥🔥💯💯🙏🏾🙏🏾proud of you

_big.chief_ Hio ndo kuandaliwa meza mbele ya maadui😹😪

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