Mayambala cancels long distance campaigns, opts for talk shows

Independent presidential candidate, Willy Mayambala in campaigns

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Independent presidential candidate, Willy Mayambala has decided to cancel most of his campaigns in distant areas and opted to concentrate on talk shows in Kampala due to financial challenges.    

Mayambala, who has severally confessed about the heavy financial burden he is experiencing to run his campaigns, has only covered districts in the central region since he was nominated and cleared by the Electoral Commission to canvas for votes.   

Speaking to URN this morning, Mayambala said he has been forced to cancel most of his long-distance campaigns because of transport challenges. 

According to Mayambala, he has opted to spend much of his time on radio and television talk shows and interviews in Kampala to disseminate his message to voters across the country.

Mayambala told URN that despite the heavy financial burden he is battling, he can’t quit the presidential race. ‘I cannot quit the race. My manifesto represents people’s problems,” said Mayambala.

Adding that, “I am the luckiest candidate most media houses invite me on their merit and give me free airtime. I will be reaching my voters through airwaves.”

Mayambala launched a fundraising campaign last week dubbed Kisoboka to raise money for his campaign but it hasn’t yielded much, according to his campaign manager, Jamaal Karim.

“We still urge various people like Mayambala friends, supporters and the general public to support us. We want to raise some money to have our own vehicles that can support us in our campaign trails,” said Jamaal.  

Apparently, Mayambala doesn’t have campaign posters and has opted to take selfies with voters as one of the ways of marketing himself.         



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