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Matric RAGE: ‘Super spreader’ warning as teens descend on Ballito

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KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala has issued a strong warning to parents and matriculants not throw wild matric rage parties that could end up being Covid-19 super spreader events.                                              

Zikalala appealed to teenagers and parents not to organise or take part in events and celebrations that might flout the current Covid-19 safety protocols and endanger lives.                                                            

Zikalala’s warning comes as the number of new infections rise in the face of the Omicron variant and Rage 2021 plans go ahead although the event was labelled a super spreader event last year. However, Rage organisers have confirmed that only vaccinated partygoers and staff will be allowed to attend the event.                                 

Young people flock to coast for matric rage parties

“Reports are indicating that with the end of year and the end of school for learners especially matric have started to converge in KwaZulu-Natal for events such as Rage and others known as Throw the Pen Away, after parties. Most of these gatherings young people gather in large groups, others indulge in alcohol binges and other malevolent activities,” Zikalala said.                                                                                              

We want to reiterate that these are “super spreader” activities which endanger the lives of young people and expose them and ultimately all those around them to the deadly Corona Virus and the new omicron variant,” he said.                                                                                

Zikalala urged organisers who intend hosting events not to place lives at risk.                                                                                                   

“These gatherings are often characterised by consumption and risk behavior which pose a real threat to human life, especially in the wake of the new Omicron Covid-19 variant. We expect parents to play a leading role in guiding their children by ensuring that the children are safe to enter the next stage of their lives after matric,” he said.          

“We wish to remind the youth of the mission of their current generation which is to defeat Covid-19,” Zikalala said.

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