Martin Amidu’s resignation a betrayal of trust – Ben Abdallah

Chairman of the Constitutional and Legal Committee of Parliament, Ben Abdallah has described the resignation of Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu as a betrayal of the trust reposed in him by the President and the Ghanaian populace.

Ben Abdallah says although the resignation is surprising, the move means Mr. Amidu has taken both the President and the citizenry for granted.

Martin Amidu on Monday, November 16, 2020, stepped down from his position citing interference in his work by the government.

He suggested that President Akufo-Addo has not been able to ensure his independence and freedom.

Commenting on the development on Eyewitness News, Ben Abdallah insisted that the government is still committed to the fight of tackling deep-rooted corruption in the country.

“Much as it has come as a surprise to me, it will also come as surprise to a lot more people. I do not think the resignation has been a blow to the anti-corruption fight of government. At the end of the day, if you resign from a public office, there is someone waiting out there for it. It is unfortunate that he has resigned. People’s belief in him and the President’s belief which explains why the President gave this position to him, so for him to resign, I see it as a betrayal of the trust that was reposed in him,’ Ben Abdallah said.

Amidu must prove his independence was undermined 

Further advancing his arguments, Ben Abdallah who is also the outgoing Member of Parliament for Offinso South challenged Martin Amidu to show evidential proof that the President failed to ensure the independence and freedom of the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

According to him, other state agencies in the past years have not raised any concerns of interference thus Martin Amidu’s lamentations lack basis.

“This is not the only body or office that is independent. We have CHRAJ which is a body which is an independent body. Has anyone from CHRAJ come to allege that they have been receiving interference from any arm of government? I don’t think we have had such news from CHRAJ. We have the EC, NCCE which are also constitutional bodies whose independence are constitutionally protected. We have other bodies whose independence have been guaranteed by certain pieces of legislation.”

“I have never heard that any person working in these offices has alleged that from any other organization from working. So if Martin Amidu says that he is unable to perform his function as the Special Prosecutor, then it if for him proof since he assumed office as special Prosecutor”, he added.

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