Mao to sue NRM mobilizer Bebe Cool for violating COVID-19 guidelines

Bebe Cool mobilizing an NRM procession in Kitgum. Photo via @BebeCoolUG

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Democratic Party – DP presidential candidate Norbert Mao has resolved to pursue private prosecution of popular musician and National Resistance Movement – NRM mobilizer Moses Ssali popularly known as Bebe Cool.

Mao told Uganda Radio Network – URN in an interview that he has instructed the DP National Legal Advisor Counsel Luyimbazi Nalukoola to take legal steps to file criminal charges against Bebe Cool who is flouting the COVID-19 rules with impunity.

A number of presidential candidates have faced the wrath of the police for allegedly violating COVID-19 guidelines by holding processions and rallies. Police has violently attacked supporters and candidates with teargas.

During a harmonization meeting with the Electoral Commission this week, various candidates complained about selective application of the guidelines where NRM candidates are allowed to flout the regulations governing the campaigns.

Mao says the NRM presidential candidate President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is only pretending to be adhering to the COVID-19 rules. He argues that Museveni is permitting hooligans as NRM supporters who are mobilized by the likes of Bebe Cool to violate the rules.

He indicates that the private prosecution of Bebe Cool should send a message that rules have to apply equally to all citizens.

Mao also says Counsel Luyimbazi Nalukoola has been advised to take legal steps to ensure that the NUP presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi who is in detention is released from custody immediately.

Kyagulanyi was arrested in Luuka district for flouting COVID-19 guidelines and is still detained at Nalufenya police station in Jinja city.


His arrest sparked off protests in different parts of the country where hundreds took to the streets demanding for his release.

Mao who has condemned the action of police during the campaigns and in quelling yesterday’s protests says that the right to a free and fair elections is the mother of all other rights.



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