Mao Orders DP Legal Boss to Save Bobi Wine, Sue Bebe Cool

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has ordered the party’s National Legal Advisor, Luyimbazi Nalukoola to pursue the release of Robert Kyagulanyi and also initiate criminal charges against singer Moses Sali alias Bebe Cool.

Mao in a statement released on the DP social media pages said Bebe Cool is flouting COVID-19 Standard Operating Protocols and should severely face private prosecution.

“I have instructed the DP National Legal Advisor Counsel Luyimbazi Nalukoola to take legal steps to ensure that the NUP Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi who is in detention is released from custody immediately,” said Mao.

“I have also asked him (DP Legal Counsel) to take legal steps to file criminal charges against singer Bebe Cool who is flouting the so called COVID rules with impunity.”

The statement came out few hours after the arrest of National Unity Platform presidential candidate, Kyagulanyi from Luuka district and subsequent incarceration at Nalufenya police station. Police said Bobi Wine flouted COVID-19 rules hence endangering the lives of people.

Mao noted that Bebe Cool is holding processions and police has failed to take action against him.


“Bebe Cool is holding processions of NRM supporters while police helplessly looks on. Yet the same police have disrupted gatherings of opposition candidates under the pretext of enforcing COVID rules,” noted Mao.

The private prosecution of Bebe Cool, he said, should send a message that rules have to apply equally to all citizens.

The DP leader blamed Museveni for using the likes of Bebe Cool to mobilize NRM supporters.

“The NRM presidential candidate is pretending to be adhering to the COVID rules but, in a double faced way, he is acquiescing in the hooligans of NRM supporters who are mobilized by the likes of Bebe Cool. In Gulu these hooligans attacked the DP parliamentary candidate for Gulu City East, Simon Opoka, and destroyed the rear windscreen of his vehicle tyre cover that had Norbert Mao’s campaign picture,” said Mao.

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