November 26, 2020


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Manual audit confirms Biden’s victory in Georgia

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Manual audit confirms Biden’s victory in Georgia Image: Reproduction / Internet

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said today that a manual audit of the vote count confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in the November 3 presidential election in the state.

According to the audit result, the Democrat beat the current President Donald Trump by 12,284 votes. The result before the recount pointed to Biden’s victory by 14 thousand votes.

“Georgia’s historic first state audit reaffirmed that the state’s secure secure paper voting system counted and accurately pointed out the results,” Republican Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state, said in a statement.

During the recount, four counties in the state found lots of votes that were not counted in the official result. In all, about 6 thousand votes were added, yielding almost 1,500 more votes for the Donald Trump, which was not enough to change the future of the election.

According to Secretary Raffensperger’s office, the difference between the results of the recount was “accidents caused by human error”, which would not indicate electoral fraud. Donald Trump he even accused the Secretary of State without proof that he had not been honest during the electoral process.

In an interview with CNN, Raffensperger said he had not “seen widespread fraud” and defended himself against accusations of Trump declaring himself a “lifelong Republican”.

Communication director for Biden’s Georgia campaign, Jaclyn Rothenberg, celebrated the result of the recount in the state and said the audit showed what “they already knew”.

“We are grateful to election officials, volunteers and workers for working overtime and under unprecedented circumstances to complete this recount, as the best form of public service,” she said in a statement.

* With information from Reuters

Source: Manual audit confirms Biden’s victory in Georgia