Man lost thousands of dollars and had to relocate back to African from Canada after his wife ‘falsely accused him of RAPE’

Friday, December 01, 2023 – The sad story of a man who had to relocate back to Africa after his wife falsely accused him of rape has been shared online.

X user @novieverest who shared the story, said the man who was his Bolt driver recounted his sad story to him.

According to him, his driver who lived with his wife and children got disorientated after losing his parents.

He said the Bolt driver had an argument with his wife which ended with him smashing her phone.

However, the wife got angry and went to the police to accuse him of rape.

The man spent so much money during the case and it was draining him.

His wife later went back to the police and told them she wasn’t accurate with her claim but the police insisted that they must complete their investigation.

The police later dropped the charges against him but he had already lost money and said the divorce would cost him much more due to the usual monthly child support. He said that he had no option but to relocate.

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