Man lists ’20 signs of ‘low quality men’ – See the LIST

Thursday, December 07, 2023 – John-Paul Ugwu has made a list of “20 signs he signs low quality men”


1. Impress women with money

2. Beg women for sex

3. Patronize sex workers and pay women for sex

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4. Simp for women’s applauds and attention

5. Online male feminist but offline, taking advantage of women who find comfort in their online feminism

6. Break bro codes to gain emotional or sexual connection with women.

7. Single yet opposes polygamy

8. Do not understand No means No.

9. Runs after anything in skirts

10. Kiss and tell

11. Sleep with married women

12. Dress like a woman to feel among

13. No means of income yet professing love to a woman

14. Beat women

15. Financially reckless and irresponsible to provide for his family, especially kids but go around with small small girls to give them baby girl lifestyle.

16. Sleep with different women just to count scores or win a bet

17. Place his mother/wife(s) below other women in his life

18. Beg women for money and move in with a woman (living in a woman’s house)

19. Would rather help a woman than a fellow man, even when the man is in dire and pressing need.

20. No life savings but a chronic bettor/gambler