Mallam-Kasoa road: Storm drains to fix flood issues to be completed in 17 months

The Ghana Hydrological Authority has disclosed that the construction of storm drains to address the persistent flooding on the Mallam-Kasoa Highway, which causes frequent traffic gridlocks, is expected to be completed in 17 months.

The Mallam-Kasoa road, a critical transportation route in the region, has been plagued by flooding, particularly during heavy rainfall, resulting in significant traffic disruptions and posing a risk to both motorists and pedestrians.

In response, the Roads Minister, Francis Asenso-Boakye, has pledged to collaborate with other ministries to resolve the crisis.

Richard Kofi Ameko, the Head of Drainage at the Ghana Hydrological Authority, explained that his outfit has designed a solution to address the situation which is expected to be completed in the next 17 months.

He explained that the project aims to reduce the level of siltation and flooding on the road.

“We’ve designed a size of 6/3 which is currently ongoing…we’ve also designed a catch pit, which will be deeper than the invert of the drain that will be constructed. We’ve done phase one, this is phase two and it’s about 17 months project.”

Dr. Daniel Sowah, Works Engineer of the Ga South Municipal Assembly, added that the Ghana Highway Authority is working on a solution to control the situation.

“They want to cut the hill into shapes, apply black soil, and plant grass over it so that when it rains, it will not wash the silt but come down as water,” he explained.


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