Mak Students March to US Embassy Over Gen Kandiho Sanctions

A section of students of Makerere University who subscribe to the Pan African Movement have threatened to drag the U.S government to Courts of Law should it fail to either drop all sanctions slapped on Maj. Gen Abel Kandiho the CMI Director last week or write to them on the process.

Led by Jeremiah Kamurali, their Chairperson, the students delivered a petition to H.E Natalie E. Brown, the U.S Ambassador and said that they are waiting for her reply in five days as she promised, before they go on the next step.

In the petition signed by 24 members, the students noted that the five essential components of compliance under the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) were not followed before sanctioning Maj. Gen. Kandiho.

“At the time of the alleged violations by the subject person Gen. Abel Kandiho, OFAC and your office had not routinely developed and updated a sanctions compliance program (SCP) as per-requisite procedure under OFAC. There was no thorough inclusive consultations and investigations carried out to determine his fate accordingly since he and UPDF were never involved during and after the whole process prior to the sanctions,” reads part of the petition.

Kamurali the Chairperson of Makerere Pan African Movement speaking to journalists after delivering the petition

“The principle of natural justice was violated by USA especially the right to a fair hearing whereby Gen. Abel Kandiho was never accorded a chance to defend himself before any tribunal or the US department of treasury. This implies that he was condemned unheard which is an unfair democratic practice,” the petition adds,

These added that Maj. Gen Kandiho’s case cannot be deemed (egregious) to Uganda and the USA “hence a non-threat to the US financial policies compared to money laundering, racism and homosexuality besides excessive human rights violations at Guantanamo Bay that are almost eating up the US society marrow,”

They therefore made several demands since U.S erred before sanctioning thee CMI Spymaster.

“We want U.S government to retract the impugned sanctions against Gen. Abel Kandiho by immediately filing un blocking application to the OFAC as soon as possible, with immediate effect withdraw her Ambassador HE. Natalie Brown and her Military Attaché to Uganda and adhere to the set diplomatic standards and respect Uganda’s sovereignty and integrity to ensure peaceful co-existence,” they said in a petition.

Kamurali engaging the Embassy security

Speaking to reporters after the delivering the petition, Rose Kiconco, the Vice President of the Makerere Pan African Movement said that the US Ambassador also acknowledged that they had made mistakes in the said sanctions by not following all necessary procedures.

“We are waiting for five days if she doesn’t write to us or withdraw the sanctions, we shall go to the Foreign Affairs Minister, get permission and we drag them to Courts of Law,” she said.

This come a day after the U.S Embassy spoke out on the sanctions maintaining its position of sanctioning Maj Gen Kandiho over the said human rights violation.

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