Mahama Ayariga commissions 42 hand-fitted boreholes in Bawku Central

Mahama Ayariga commissions 42 hand-fitted boreholes in Bawku Central

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bawku Central, Mahama Ayariga, has commissioned 42 new boreholes equipped with hand-fitted pumps.

The new water sources, drilled over the past five months, are designed to provide clean, potable water, easing the burden on community members who previously had to trek long distances for safe drinking water.

At a ceremony to commission the boreholes, Mr Ayariga indicated that “We have drilled these boreholes so that our mothers, sisters, and women will not have to travel far to carry water home. In fact, last week I drilled two more boreholes, and in a couple of weeks, we will set the pumping machines on them and then commission them.”

In addition to the borehole project, Mr Ayariga said he has been working on extending electricity to various communities within the constituency and improving infrastructure through road construction projects.

He revealed that many of these development projects are funded from his personal resources, support from friends, and a portion of his share of the common fund.

“I invest in these projects because I understand the pain and suffering of our mothers and sisters who, on election day, queue the whole afternoon to vote for us to represent them in Parliament,” he said.

Mr Ayariga said his efforts aim to balance resource allocation to ensure all areas, particularly underserved ones, receive necessary infrastructure improvements.

“Some of my uncles in the township raised issues and accused me of discrimination in the distribution of projects. I don’t discriminate in the distribution of projects. I am trying to be equitable and fair in the distribution of projects,” Mr. Ayariga said.

He criticised the government for its spending priorities, contrasting them with his efforts to fund development projects in Bawku Central.

Mr Ayariga noted that the ‘wasteful expenditure’ on projects like the new Bank of Ghana office building could have been used to drill boreholes across the country.

“Those $250 million would have drilled boreholes in every village in this Republic,” he said.

He urged the community to hold the government accountable for its spending and to focus on projects that directly benefit the people. Some of the boreholes were drilled in communities such as Kuka, Daduri, Kutanga, Sabongari, Mognori Gumbo, Gentiiga, Kpalwega, and Gingande.

With a voter population of over 5,000, the Assemblymember for the Kuka electoral area, Paul Agindao Akubila said hitherto the commissioning of a borehole in the community, residents had to trek for long distances to access safe drinking water.

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