Magical Kenya Ladies Open attracts over 90 international golfers


The Magical Kenya Ladies Open hosted at Vipingo Ridge’s Baobab Course in Kilifi County has attracted over 90 international lady golfers from 25 different countries, as the destination marketer, Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) seeks to popularise the destination for golf sport.

KTB says the destination will be cashing in on a longer period of stays among golfers into the destination to market other tourism attractions that the country is known for.

The magical Kenya Ladies Open which kicked off on Tuesday is making a come-back to the destination after a two-year Covid-19 pandemic induced break, setting the stage for a spectacular golf season in Kenya with the Magical Kenya Open also set to take place in March.

On Tuesday, the golfers were treated to a welcome dinner at Vipingo Ridge’s Beach Club, sponsored by KTB.

Speaking during the event, KTB Company Secretary Allan Njoroge said that the tournament is a welcome opportunity to showcase the destination brand to the world.

“We are delighted to welcome all the lady golfers and fans taking part in this year’s Magical Kenya Ladies Open. This is yet another great opportunity for us to showcase the destination brand and tourism products to the world and demonstrate once again that Kenya is indeed ready and capable to host such international sporting events. It is also a mark of confidence in the destination’s preparedness against the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Njoroge.

He added: “We thank the Ladies European Tour for the opportunity to host the event this year and assure everyone of a magical experience while in the destination. Kenya is blessed with numerous tourism products and experiences that will excite you all. As you participate in the tournament, therefore, we also implore you to take some time to visit some of these places and support our tourism industry.”

The event will be broadcasted to millions of people around the world. It will also locally be broadcasted to millions of households on free-to-air television, providing an opportunity to showcase some of Kenya’s key tourism attractions during the coverage.

KTB is a main sponsor for the two events. Golfers will have an opportunity to visit some of the attractions on the Kenyan coast to experience diverse tourism showcases away from the golf course.

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