November 28, 2020


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Looby groups accuse EACC of victimising Mr Mbaka in Magoha insult probe

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Human Rights lobby groups have claimed that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is out to victimise the Education Officer Magoha insulted.

Led by Centre Against Torture, based in Eldoret, the lobby groups questioned why the EACC summoned Gitonga Mbaka and not Magoha.

Summons to intimidate Mbaka

Mr Kimutai Kirui, who is from Centre Against Torture, said that the summoning was to intimidate Mr. Mbaka.

The videos of Magoha insulting Mbaka led to widespread calls for the sacking of the Education CS. During an impromptu visist to Langas Primary School, Elodret, the CS let loose on Mr Mbaka. This is despite Mbaka’s best efforts to explain the situation to the CS.

Mbaka had earlier stated that the CS had been satisfied after a first inspection. However, after noticing the media, Magoha then turned his attention to him, leading to the tirade caught on camera.

Many see Magoha as belligerent, with disdain for those he considers beneath him. So far, the CS has refused to issue an apology, saying that was his modus operandi. However, he appeared more defensive a day after the Public Service Committee checked his human resource powers.

Calls on the CS to resign

Mr. Kirui joined on these calls, calling the CS ‘a bully’. The insulting incident, Kirui said, was an obvious case of abuse of power by the CS. He also expressed reservations that Mbaka could get justice if the CS remains in his seat.

“I am afraid that Dr Mbaka, who is the victim here, may not be able to get justice because the aggressor has not been summoned to give his side of the story.” Mr Kirui said.

The boss for North Rift EACC offices, Japhet Baithalu, had earlier said that they had summoned Mr Mbaka to shed light on the matter. Baithalu said they had only learnt of the matter on the videos going round online. Thus, summoning Mr Mbaka was  for him to give a full statement on what happened.

Source: Looby groups accuse EACC of victimising Mr Mbaka in Magoha insult probe