Lonely Boy eyes collab with amapiano stars Kabza De Small, Musa Keys

There is no doubt that the amapiano genre has grown to become of Mzanis’s biggest genres. The success of the genre has sparked several collaborations between local and international artists. Canadian artist Lonely Boy is hoping to collaborate with star producers Kabza De Small and Musa Keys. 


Anthony Isaac Pierre aka Lonely Boy is a Canadian R&B artist who is on the rise in the genre. Since he was a young boy, he’d always known that he wanted to get into music.

Speaking to ArtsHelp, he shared that while in university, he felt misunderstood. 

“It didn’t matter how I tried to express myself, I just felt misunderstood. I just felt like a lonely boy.” 

He released his debut album Lonely Ppl Vol.1 on 18 November 2021. Highlighting his inspirations, he mentioned that solitude sparks his creative process. He also cites himself as a “really romantic person”. 

“I build a lot of inspo when I’m listening to songs about a great love that’s lost, or a great love that is found and the joys in between. I think that’s what inspires me.” 



Lonely Boy praised amapiano stars Kabza De Small and Musa Keys, mentioning that he hopes to work with them one day. He dubbed the star producers as “musical geniuses.”

“I think merging the R&B sound with amapiano beats made by Kabza and Musa would really result in a masterpiece track.”

“Their execution when it comes to composing a song is truly admirable hence a song with them would truly be an honour,” he told Sowetan.  

His kind words sparked a reaction from Vula Mlomo hitmaker Musa Keys who responded by writing: “Nice.” 

Nice! https://t.co/FN8WdLqJln

— TAYO (@MusaKeyss) January 6, 2022

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Canada has produced several award-winning artists over the years. From Drake, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber to Avril Lavigne, Michael Bublé and Nelly Furtado. 

In an interview with DTTW Entertainment, Lonely Boy mentioned that the reason American artists excel in music is that they’ve “got themselves”. “We need to do the same with our own music,” he added. 

“I’ve been blessed in an era where I got to see more Canadian artists but in terms of R&B I think it’s been lacking and so my job was to bring a resurgence.”